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The equalizer, often abbreviated as EQ, owes its name probably need to make the same volume of the audible frequency band to which the first devices were addressed. Many years ago people preferred to change the electronic ticketing to obtain a flat frequency response at the expense, as we saw then, many other parameters perhaps more important. Surely, for fans of Hi-Fi the years, 60, among the main reasons why we bought there was an equalizer to compensate for shortages and surpluses of certain speakers and home with a curve control exactly opposite to that normally obtained. Result: the speakers had a short life, the rotations of the signal being compacted sound and everything sounded even more false. It was so fashionable that many of integrated amplifiers and preamps had already on a panel. When we do not know a great deal of distortion and various stages and seemed the most reasonable solution to be adopted. Man hand that humanity has evolved defects that certainly outstripped the merits led to the decline and the myriad of equipment brands unscrupulous gave the coup de grace to this passion so noble as maniacal … L ‘ professional use the equalizer instead saw various uses, the limitation of bandwidth for broadcasting to correct audience, similar to the field Hi-Fi but following more specific criteria, to correct a liking of sounds and musical instruments.

Time passes and things find their natural balance. That is the nature and so is the technology. Today, the equalizer is used to the sound designing and corrections otherwise not solvability, to correct the balance in a mixing and mastering stage as a creative effect.

The equalizer is composed of filters that share a slice of frequency in an exclusive, once separated the band sound, are able to manage the sound level with the consequent rebalancing of the total harmonic spectrum. The equalizers are divided into two main families: Charts and parameters, the frequencies have early intervention filters fixed, other furniture, of course, to the delight of a larger supply on the market were both paragraphs that semiparametrici, reductions clear derivation from the two main families.
The filters can work in various ways, Band-pass which is commonly used as fixed by graphic equalizers, in a frequency adjustable in those paragraphs, in form and frequency bandwidth than adjustable parametric and channels of those central semi-parametric, low pass, which is a filter that excludes all frequencies above the cut-High Jump which is a filter that excludes all frequencies below that of cutting and shelving filters that are generally apply on the sides of the frequency range and commonly found on many of the appliances with an adjustment of tones but also on equipment Hi-Fi on TV or even at both ends of an equalizer.

Because of the high slope filters needed to cut into slices the actual sound, the portion subject to intervention suffer a slight delay compared to the others. creating obscure rotations phase, which should be recalled are among the more responsible for the loss of definition and compactness of the signal. That is why, working evil, that is too heavy with speeches, and economic apparatus too, at the end of the correction, the sound ends up being worse than the original.
In reality, however, some equalizers have this flaw in their greatest honor, see-channel mixer strip and high-level, to say nothing of equalizers high-definition as: Sontec, Prism, Massenburg, Millennia, Manley and Avalon, to name some, and vintage ITT and GML.
There are, however, only in digital version, equalizers, as some models of Weiss, a consistency phase, that is where the gangs who suffer fewer treatments are delayed the time to quit being with the other but, although technically it is the most correct, the result is not always appreciated, not for specific failures but only for their lack of personality, lacking some ‘taste the equalizer to which we are accustomed, are therefore highly recommended but better if accompanied by a model analgico.
Last category to mention is that of dynamic equalizers, for example, a few digital model of Weiss, is actually another way to call the multiband compressors, because their basic intervention makes them fall into this category. Their use could produce interesting results, the signal processing in different ways depending on the noise level.
Obviously the virtual world has to say and his choice is truly endless with excellent models, suonanti well and truly complete and that by its nature the virtual world has to offer the gift also excellent emulations of vintage equalizers known any other way as some equalizers in the form of DSP UAD-1, Pultec the Bomb Factory in RTAS and TDM and Waves, Native or TDM, the series Renaissance, etc.. Interesting, always the Waves, the gold series, the entire coherence of a phase completed by a dynamic equalizer.

– Alex Picciafuochi on behalf of http://www.smap.it

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